The Team To Call When You Need A Builder Clean In Edinburgh

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If you have just had major building works or renovations carried out you might be shocked to discover just how much dust and debris has built up. Even with areas shut off or windows closed, dust finds its way in and ends up where you would least expect. It's only when you run your hand along a surface that you realise a builder clean is required.

And that's exactly where our services come in. At D&A Lawrence Ltd, we offer builder cleans that will ensure your workplace is clean, hygienic and safe to work in. We'll clean every area from top to bottom dusting, hoovering and wiping to ensure every speck of dust and debris is removed.

Arrange Your Builder Clean In Edinburgh With The Best

A builder clean in Edinburgh needs to be carried out by a professional team with years of experience if you want to get the best results. We are a family run business with an enviable track record would be delighted to give you a cost effective quote today.

The best thing about our cleaning services is that we give our clients complete freedom over the services they can choose. So if you need window cleaning or carpet cleaning added into your builder clean we would be more than happy to oblige. We can also give you advice on any aspect of cleaning whether you need a regular cleaning schedule or you require professional stain removal.

Short notice is no problem so if that building project has finished early or the work caused more mess than you envisaged, we can help. One call to our professional team is all it takes to book our services and our builder clean in Edinburgh will ensure your offices or workplace are left in clean condition.

Book Your Builder Clean Today - Fast And Friendly Service

We use only the best cleaning products and each of our cleaning operatives is COSHH qualified which means they are able to use cleaning materials safely. We also work to the strictest health and safety code at all times.

Let us assist with your builder clean in Edinburgh. We have helped many happy clients to restore their working environment back to sparkling condition no matter what the extent of the dust and debris build up. Call our team today on 0131 235 2031.