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D & A Lawrence Ltd offers an abseiling / rope access Edinburgh service to complement the various other methods of high-level window cleaning.

Whether your building requires a monthly window clean or a one-off attendance we can provide you with qualified personnel to do the job. By choosing us, you can be 100% assured that you will receive a safe, professional and quality clean.

Amongst all other methods for working at height, abseiling is a recognised industry. D & A Lawrence Ltd technicians are fully trained in using a harness and certified to (IRATA) high standards in Rope Access work and follow IRATA guidelines – Industrial Rope Access Trade Association and in accordance with HSE – Working at Height Regulations 2005.

After completing a site survey to determine the best method of approach for cleaning and accessing tall buildings, utilising rope access / commercial abseiling methods which involve a twin rope and anchor safety system ensures minimal setup and removal time.

By using this method, we can eradicate the need for expensive, unsightly scaffolding and provide our clients with a thoroughly safe answer with little disruption to our clients day to day business.

Our Edinburgh technicians will always work in pairs for health & safety reasons and a level 3 qualified supervisor will always be present on every contract. Double ropes and anchors, (more commonly known as safety harness eyebolts) are used to stop any fall in the unlikely event of one system failing, and all tools and equipment are correctly attached to prevent any accidental dropping.

” We can not thank them enough for their services over the years. “

Contini Edinburgh

– Carina Contini

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