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Cherry Pickers, Lifts and Booms

Cherry Pickers, Lifts & Booms

There are a few ways to reach windows that need to be cleaned and a popular way is by using a cherry picker. These are particularly useful as they can be transported from place to place quite easily and are not static at one individual place.more info

Ladder and Cradle Services

Ladder and Cradle Work

All of our technicians are highly trained and experienced in the use of ladders. Ladders are the more traditional method of accessing windows, although other methods such as the Reach & Wash System is now the much more preferred method.more info

Rope Access Maintenance Services

Rope Access Maintenance

We offer an abseiling / rope access service to complement the various other methods of high level window cleaning. Whether your building requires a monthly window clean or a one off attendance we can provide you with qualified personnel to do the job.more info


D&A Lawrence provide us with a true Premiership service. They have played an important role in meeting our pre-season requirements and are integral to Heart of Midlothian Football Club maintaining a clean and safe stadium throughout the season. Tynecastle presents it's own challenges whether it's the idiosyncrasies of a near 100 year old Main Stand or the altitude, reach and adaptability required for our more modern stands but Darren and Alan have provided the highest level of service across the stadium and we're delighted they are part of our off-field team.

David Southern, Managing Director
Heart of Midlothian Football Club

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